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Blueview Art Studio


Welcome to my BLOG 

This is currently a work in progress as I explain the stories behind my photographs.

Aluminium, acrylic or canvas are my preferred mediums, but I do also create framed and mounted prints.  

Contact me about a personal commission and don't forget to check out my alternative website at

Ferring Beach Huts

I'm kicking off my collection with one of my earliest and most popular images of Ferring's beach huts.

Many of these huts have been repaired and repainted over the years, but I love the rustic charm and colours of this image.

It has proved a popular photo and has been used on canvas, tea towels, t-shirts, cards, acrylic blocks and mugs, to name but a few.

Currently available on canvas 

60x80cm £100 local delivery/collection only

Sunset of Ferring beach

This is one of my favourite and most popular sunset images.

The beach, like the weather, changes every day and so when I go for a stroll with my camera, you never know what you'll see.

As the sun is setting over the water I know it's a winter sunset; summer sunsets are mostly hidden from view over beyond The Rife.

The soft pink glow is stunning and calming.  It's an image I have used on canvas as well as aluminium, glass chopping boards,  cards and tea towels.  

Morning beach

I'm not usually an early riser, but occasionally I do wake up around 5am and venture out, sometimes in my pyjamas, to capture the early morning sun.  

As a result, I only have a few sunrise images in my collection.  This image sold on a huge canvas and looks stunning, if I say so  myself.  

Worthing in Autumn

This is one of my urban scenes looking east, taken on Worthing seafront close to the Crabshack and the start of the promenade past Coast Cafe and East Beach Studios to Splash Point.  

The texture and colours are obtained by uploading my image on to one of my Apps that allows you extra editing tools.  As I don't use Photoshop or any such software, the Apps allow a certain level of artistic license; something I enjoy using on certain images.  

Morning Glory

Another sunrise image with Worthing pier in the distance.  As with all my photos, this is available to commission.  It is so tranquil, no two mornings are the same.

Olde Artist Studio

I love this image as I came across this studio by chance in Giverny, when visiting Monet's house.  Much like my photography, it's captured a moment in time.

Worthing Pier at Night

This is one of my earliest night time shots and I'm pleased with the reflection of light and rocks in the foreground.  Who doesn't love a stroll on a pier? 

Moroccan Life

Taken on my first visit to Morocco, a vibrant world of chaos, smells and culture.  My collection of photos from Morocco are available to view at my Studio.